The Bosco Cafe 

ATTENTION all young people in Drimnagh between the ages of 14-19, if  you are bored on a Monday or Thursday night between 7pm and 10pm, take a trip down to the Bosco and check the cafe out!

Its a cool place to hangout and chill with friends, maybe even make some new ones! There is many things to keep you entertained such as a jukebox, pool table, Internet, Playstation 3s, wireless headphone system and two large screens to watch films and sport.

It’s all a bit of fun! “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Micheal Jordan.

For more information take a look at The Bosco page! 

st john bosco dyce cafe logo


Tree’s in Brickfields Park

Our Local Park Brickfields is undervalued, underused and underrated by many people living in Drimnagh. Some do not even realise it exists. To be honest it took me a good few months of living in Drimnagh before I came across it.

It’s a great little park and I was delighted to get one of my pictures of one of my favourite places in the park painted by Liam Daly or @eolai as he is known on Twitter.

He decided to paint 100 paintings of pictures sent into him via Twitter in 24 hours a couple of weeks ago. It was live streamed and quite amazing to watch. You can read all about how Liam got on here.

And here’s the painting of my trees in Brickfields Park, Drimnagh. Very cool. Very special. Thank you Liam.

100 paintings1 day





Street Feast #3                       We had our third Street Feast last Sunday on Mourne Road in Drimnagh, Dublin 12. It was hosted by one of our lovely neighbour’s Angie on the road outside her house.  Angie registered with the Street Feast peeps a month ago [...]

Proposal for Community Garden

Drimnagh “INFORM” Workshop                       Friday week the 21st of June 2013, in the St John Bosco Youth Centre on Davitt Road, 15 women will meet for a half day workshop to explore the contribution and value of women voices in the Drimnagh and Dublin South [...]

Drimnagh Women Are you active in politics or community work in the Dublin South Central area? Would you like to know more about how decisions are made on residents behalf in your local area? Then come along to this great workshop hosted by the fantastic Women for Election. This workshop is a start of a [...]