So it’s been over a week since the Drimnagh Festival and everything is back to normal…..well normalish! The community is back to normal and the GAA pitch looks bare once again. This years festival was one hell of a ride wasn’t it?

It all started off quite late in the year this year actually and as I sit here writing this I am still amazed at what our small little group of people managed to pull off in such a short space of time, because that is what the Drimnagh Festival committee is, a small dedicated group of people who only want to do something positive in the community.

From a personal point of view I joined the committee last year and if I am to be brutally honest it was because I was bored at home and happened to come across the post on Facebook about a meeting and wandered on down to the Bosco. Two years later I managed to achieve along with a group of people something which I am incredibly proud of.

stageThis year, the festival grew ten fold from last year. This year we had a music stage! A music stage people. This is something which Drimnagh has never seen before but I hope it does so again in the future as it was a huge success. We also had attractions like the mobile farm which went down extremely well with kids and adults alike. We also had Jack Wise who amazed and terrified most of the people at the Festival – sometimes at the same time!

This year we had a variety of competitions happening in the lead in to and throughout the competition. We had the art comp, the fun dog show and the duck race. The art comp completely blew me away as the talent some of the kids have in our schools is just mind blowing. For me the personal highlight has to be the dog show, purely cause I am a dog lover and it was brilliant to see so many of you bringing your dogs to show them off. We really didn’t expect such a high turnout so thank you very much for that. Then of course the hotly contested duck race! This is hilarious craic and was loved by everyone.

Crossing the finish line!

Crossing the finish line!

As PRO for the Festival this year I have been the one annoying you all with Facebook status updates and the like, but I would like to say a huge thank you as you have made this years Festival a huge success. For everyone that reads, likes or share a status, you are getting the word out there and you contributed to the huge numbers of people we had out for the Festival so from myself and all the Drimnagh Festival committee a huge thank you. A huge thanks also to Luas who continue to sponsor the Festival every year.

This year we were also lucky enough to have Festival TV working with us throughout the Festival and they filmed some of the highlights and some of you too! You can find the three episodes from Drimnagh here

The Drimnagh Festival is an excellent way to get involved in the community and I would encourage anyone who has a spare bit of time to get involved for next year, it’s only going to get bigger and better from here on in! :)

You can check out the rest of the pictures and blogs from this years Festival on our Facebook Page

Till next time

Amanda :) x

As most of you know we had a fair few competitions going on over the course of this years Festival. This blog is to highlight the winners in each of the competitions and give them their five seconds of fame!

First up we had the art competition which was run in all the local schools and was open to 4-18 year old. From a personal point of view I was amazed at some of the pictures we got back! There is some seriously talented kids in our schools ladies and gents! But we had to pick some winners and they are as follows:

Aged 4- 8 years 100

1st – Alyssa

2nd – Sarah McGuiness

3rd – Dylan Hardwell


Aged 9-12 years

1st – Emer McDonald

2nd – Piotr Lojiwdki

Joint 3rd – Jira Maepantilla Hernandez

Joint 3rd –   Daisy Barry


Aged 13+ years

1st – Matthew

2nd – Sevenne O’Rourke

Joint 3rd – Chloe Talbot

Joint 3rd – Cameron Malcomson


Overall Winner

Sean Skelly














Next up we had the highly anticpated Duck Race on the canal. Lots of people turned out for the race but there could only be one winner…..

First across the line was duck 52 – Mary Maloney 

Second to cross the finish line was duck 84 – Sofia 

And the last duck to cross the finish line in third place was duck 18 – Ross :)  

Crossing the finishing line!

Crossing the finishing line!


Lastly we had of course the fun dog show on Saturday’s fun day. This was a personal highlight for me as I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that brought their dogs out to show them off! The competition was judged by Eugene from the Bird Jungle who had a very difficult job on his hands choosing the winners but he did and here they are! :)

Best big Dog - Coco (Owned by Eileen Scully)

Best Little Dog - Buddy (Owned by Keelie and Sarah)

Waggiest Tail - Oscar (Owned by Carol Maguire)

Best Groomed - Hugo (Owned by Audrey)

Overall 1st prize - Lexi (Owned by Toni Mulraney)

Overall 2nd prize - Bora (Owned by Gabrielle)

Overall 3rd prize - Cosmos (Owned by Dara Connolly)

Some pics from our great photographer John! DSC_0666 DSC_0686 DSC_0717

So there you have it, all the prize winners in all their glory. Congrats to all our winners and also to all those who took part in our competitions over the Festival. We have been blown away with the amount of talent to be found in Drimnagh and I am also very excited that there are so many cute dogs too!

You never know next year you might take home a prize if you’re lucky! :)

Amanda :) x

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