Drimnagh is Good

Drimnagh is Good is about championing your local community, talking it up, instead of down. It is about getting to know the people living beside you. It’s about generating interest and passion for your local area by using local shops, parks and businesses on a regular basis. For this extremely optimistic goose that community is Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

The idea of this blog is to share and promote community issues that affect everyone living in Drimnagh. With a bit of luck, the blog will generate further interest in the decisions that are being made on the community’s behalf and create a greater unity of purpose in community development and activism.

As I go along, I’ll document, describe and share my attempts at blogging and using social media. It is all relatively new to me and hopefully it will help other community activists get involved and share their thoughts. Other things that will crop up will be stuff from the Drimnagh Network, an umbrella organisation for community groups in Drimnagh. And every now and then there will be a little about having the best volunteer job ever, secretary for the local football club, St John Bosco FC.

I truly believe social media is a great tool for communities to connect and share their real life work, experience, events and issues. Drimnagh is a good community with a lot of hardworking volunteers and getting to grips with social media could vastly improve their efforts, making them more efficient and effective. Each individual and group in Drimnagh are quite different in what they do, however, they are not divided on wanting to make Drimnagh a better place to live.

Drimnagh is Good is a work in progress and strives to be a connector for all that is great about Drimnagh. It is totally open and absolutely, positively encourages suggestions, comments and opinions. Face to face meetings are even better, so get in touch and lets make Drimnagh an even BETTER PLACE TO LIVE !!!!!

About the author

Pauline Sargent Pauline Sargent is the founder of Drimnagh is Good a hyperlocal community website bog for the people of Drimnagh. Connect with Pauline on Google + me on Google+

  1. Nicky Getgood on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Great to see it live in action! Looking forward to seeing how the twin DiG grows, :-)


  2. pauline on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Thanks Nicki, it’s not very pretty but as Mike says I can work on that and learn as I go.

  3. Nicky Getgood on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Prettiness is over-rated, I reckon, content is key! :-)

    Digbeth is Good was well basic when it began, as you can see from the screenshot here: http://getgoodguide.com/?p=19

    Marc Reeves, the old Editor of the Birmingham Post, recently created the local website http://harbornemile.wordpress.com/ – not overly pretty, but functional with great local content and therefore quite busy! Make the content useful and interesting, and visitors will come.

    I also have a theory that starting with an unpolished site makes it less daunting for potential contributors – it means they feel they can come in and add to its development rather than walking into a scary, shiney, overly finished product. Let’s see, shall we?! ;-)

  4. siobhan on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Hey Pauline,
    This is a great idea for a site.
    Good luck with it you ‘optimistic goose’.
    I’ll keep checking in!


  5. una on Wednesday 10, 2010

    hi “optomistic Goose”
    how do pass the word to check it out
    all very new to me too this internet media stuff

  6. pauline on Wednesday 10, 2010


    Hoping to get some cards and flyers done in the next week or so, which will have all the details for accessing.

    Thanks OG