Headed out of Drimnagh this morning, having decided to go see one of the many St Patrick Day parades been held around the country. Usually, we head into Dublin city for the big parade, but with a one year old in a buggy it just seemed too much hassle. So we picked Greystones a small town in Co. Wicklow, to see their parade. The main street was buzzing, with plenty of people out enjoying the day. The cafes and pubs along the parade strip were decorated in the obligatory green,  many had outdoor tables and chairs, and the atmosphere was friendly and full of fun.

Men in Skirts

The parade was filled with the usual local bands, sporting groups, community groups and businesses. And it was great. Really, it was. Obviously, its all about the kids, in particular our 1 year old loved it all. The 8 year old not as impressed. And the Mammy and Daddy, well as you get older, you do appreciate the simpler things in life and the more ordinary. You understand the work that was put in by the volunteers to organise the parade with very limited resources and time.  So you value the thought and effort and just enjoy the day.

There was groups like the Bray Lakers with strong messages like “WE NEED A HOME”.

And then there was groups like the Dance Worx who were dancing and having fun.

And of course the crowds on the sideline joined in the fun and dancing.

I love Paddy’s Day, always have, the excitement as a kid getting ready for mass and then the parade. And getting the hair in curls, green ribbons, new handknitted green cardigan and most importantly the shamrock put on your coat.

I wonder what the present day Drimnagh kids memories will be of St Patrick’s Day.

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