Came across this article byAli Bracken, Crime Correspondent for the Tribune News yesterday. Hadn’t heard anything locally about it.

TWO gardaí were attacked last weekend in Drimnagh when a group of youths charged at them and smashed the windscreen of their patrol car.

The male and female garda were taken to hospital after the assault but they did not sustain serious injuries.

The officers were standing in the vicinity of a pub in Drimnagh last Saturday night carrying out a drugs search of two individuals when they were attacked.

A gang of up to eight teenagers came around the corner and charged at them, knocking them both over. The gang then threw several rocks at the patrol car, smashing the back windscreen and breaking off one of the car’s wing mirrors.

They then fled the scene. Detectives do not believe the teenagers were acquainted with the men they were searching and believe it was a random attack.

Gardaí are confident they have established the identity of the teenagers. They are aged between 14 and 19 and are all locals from the Drimnagh area.

Arrests are expected to take place shortly. A garda source said the two gardaí were more “shook up” than injured. “It could have been a lot more serious than it was. But incidents like this are taken very seriously. No one wants to see such blatant disrespect and violence towards the people whose job it is to uphold the law,” said the garda.

The incident is one of several targeting gardaí around Dublin in recent months. Officers have expressed concern at the level of violence young teenagers are displaying towards one another and gardai in certain situations. March, 28, 2010

Being an optimistic goose I’m not sure about posting bad news stories. Let me know what you think, do you want to hear the bad and the ugly of Drimnagh as well as the good?

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  1. siobhan on Monday 29, 2010

    First reaction is No. We hear enough of the Ugly drimnagh in the mainstream media – like there’s no good in Drimnagh at all. On the other hand discussion about such events might come up with a solution – but then is there ever going to be a solution? Doubt it – so, my opinion – No. (I think!)

  2. una on Monday 29, 2010

    i think we to be aware of what is going on in our community but at the moment there is so much negetivity about i just want to here the good things
    but we do need a debate on what kinda drimnagh wwe want

  3. pauline on Monday 29, 2010

    Hi Siobhan/Una

    Thanks for the comments. I guess it is getting the balance right on reporting events in Drimnagh will take time. Hopefully feedback and input from local residents will help point the blog in the right direction.

    Thanks OG

  4. una on Monday 29, 2010

    Fed up of feeling the doom and gloom
    why not check out comedy play by “out of the blue ” drama group in tallaght theatre cuckoo nest on about 10th may to 15th
    more details from
    staring some local Drimnagh Actors

  5. pauline on Monday 29, 2010

    Hello Una

    Thanks. Will get a post up about that event now.