No cars, no hospital, no Rafters or Lisadell Roads, no parish hall

Isn’t Google Alerts just a wonderful tool. For those who haven’t discovered Google Alerts yet, they are e-mail updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic. Mine is of course is Drimnagh. And that is how I came across this blog post this morning by Father Sean Coyle. In his post, Fr Coyle talks about how he got thrown out of the his local Parish church in the 1940s. That church being Our Lady of Good Counsel on Mourne Rd,here in Drimnagh. Here is an extract from the post

“On a Christmas weekday in 1945, or it could have been very early in January 1946, my mother, pregnant at the time, took me to Mass. I was a fw months short of three. It seems I shouted ‘Bah’ at the Infant Jesus in the crib. The priest ordered my mother and myself out. It seems he was ‘ably assisted’ by an older woman who made sure my mother understood what the priest had said”.

and you can read the rest of the post here.  So if you liked that post and are interested in finding out more about Drimnagh in the olden days then check out local Drimnagh man, Michael Keanes, website called Drimnagh Parish which has a bit more history of Drimnagh and is worth a read.

Drimnagh schoolyard in the 1940s

I’d love to see more pics of Drimnagh in past years. Do the photos above stir up memories for you? Would you like to find out more about Drimnagh? Would you be interested in sharing your story? If so, perhaps you will consider adding them here to Drimnagh is Good site. It would be great to get people connecting & sharing memories of growing up in Drimnagh.

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  1. Vera Hussey on Monday 31, 2010

    Thanks you for these. Are there any more of Drimnage down through the years? I would love to see how the streets looked before everyone had a car, or photos of the girls primary and secondary schools which I attended

  2. pauline on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Vera

    I have a copy of the “Church of our Lady of Good Counsel, Mourne Rd” annual souvenier 1958-9 and there are some interesting photos. Some of confirmation groups, 82nd Scout Troop CBSI & the St john Bosco Boys’ Club Drama classes. I’m going to do a blog post on it. Hopefully I can get the pictures scanned up well enough for people to see as it would be great if people were able to identify the kids faces.

    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment :)


  3. John Banks on Monday 31, 2010

    I was an alter boy in Drimnagh from about 1957 to about 1962. I used to live accross from the church on Sperrin Rosd. I wonder are there any other ex alter boys from that time that I could meet up with. I’m living in Cork now but can travel to Dublin any time.

    I was an alter boy in Drimnagh from about 1957 to 1961

  4. pauline on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi John

    I’ll ask the new parish priest is there anyway of helping you contact boys from the years you talk about. And I’ll get back to you soon.


  5. LISA KELLY on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Paulline do you remember the Kelly’s that lived at 25 Mourne Rd ? Mr and Mrs Kelly were my grandparents

  6. pauline on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Lisa

    Afraid I don’t know them. I’m only in Drimnagh 14 years so not as clued in on who’s who in Drimnagh as others. The photo on flicker that you were asking about was taken near your grandparents house. I’ll get some updated ones if you wish and send them onto you.


  7. Sandra scheib(redmond) on Monday 31, 2010

    Hello there. I live in Auckland,New Zealand. I was born in Dublin in 1963 and lived with my parents at my Nana’s home in Sperrin Road. I was baptised at the church of Our Lady of Good Counsel. It’s lovely to look at the pictures I have found of the church and to see Sperrin Road located on a map. I was only around three years when we left for NZ and I have never returned, although I would love to very much. I have 11 children of my own now and would love to hear from anyone who may know my family. My nana was Margaret O’Neill and my Aunty Angela Byrne still resides in Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin. Would love to hear from someone and any history of the area. I see there is a Drimnagh Castle. How wonderful. So much I don’t know. God bless.

  8. [...] you have, or can you find any old photos of the area? Post these on your website as Pauline Sargent has done on Drimnagh is Good: ‘Drimnagh in the Old Days’.  Ask your readers if they might have any information or memories associated with the image to [...]

  9. Eileen Hammond on Monday 31, 2010

    I lived on Rafters Rd in 1963 and knew a Joe O’Neill from Sperrin Rd just across from the church; he was probably about 1940ish. We hiked together in An Oige with a bunch of others from Drimnagh, Ballyfermot, Marino and other Dublin places.

    I now live in Tucson, Arizona but was born in Dublin and went to school at Our Lady of Good Counsel from 1952 to 1961. My request is for a copy of the First Communion group picture from December 1953, and I was wondering if anyone would have one.

    My brother, Noel, went to school in Drimnagh Castle in the 1950/60s when some of the classes were actually taught in the Castle.

  10. pauline on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Eileen

    Thanks for your comment. My Dad Frank Smith is a “lifetime” member of An Oige & talks very fondly of his An Oige days :-)

    I’ll check it out for you & see what I can come up with.


  11. Catherine on Monday 31, 2010

    anyone remember a Joseph (Joe Kelly) ex army from Galtymore Road in Drimnagh would love to see him and catch up on old times

  12. Madeline sheridan on Monday 31, 2010

    Hello I am searching for my childhood school friend Her name is Ann Healy. We both attended Our Lady of Good Counsel school from 1950-1963. Ann lived at 20 Knocknare Avenue.Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Pauline Sargent on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Madeline

    I’ll put an update on the Facebook page and see if we can get any info for you.

    Thanks for visiting this blog.



  14. Mark Moore on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi, kellys at 43 mourne road, is Sandra still there?

  15. nora henley byrne on Monday 31, 2010

    does any body remember the byrne family from sperring road,they lived in the egghouse.

  16. denise mcgrath on Monday 31, 2010

    hi, i’m looking for any information on an eileen kelly of benmadigan road…all i know she emigrated to america not sure where but lived on a ranch and owned a chain of clothes shops. would be very grateful if anybody out there could help me out :)

  17. Carmen Savage on Monday 31, 2010

    Does anyone remember the Savage family who lived in Keeper Road? I would love to have any contact details. My father has lost contact with his family and would love to find them.

  18. Paddy Doyle on Monday 31, 2010

    I grew up in Drimnagh, 172 Rafters Road to be family moved there in 1950
    I lived in Drimnagh until the age of 9. my family emigrated over to Nottingham England.
    I still have lots of memories of Dublin in particular Drimnagh…playing on the streets with my pals Jimmy Shields, Shauna Dowling, Bubbles Duke..etc
    we had a great time..
    .we went blackberrying, played on the local fields we called the “Dump” there used to be gypsy horses left on there…so me and my pals would ride them as cowboys..
    The neighbours in our area were very friendly, and would help you out if you were having a hard time..there was a lot of poverty at the time.
    I think of Drimnagh all the time, I pop over every few years to visit the area and my familynthat still live there….I have loads of stories but thats for another time.

  19. francis joseph carroll on Monday 31, 2010

    went to this school for about 1year (1955-1956) i think it was. I was staying with my aunty
    Katy and uncle Jimmy Sheils in rafters road at the time.Cousens Cathrine,Margret,Bernadette,
    Jimmy,Jerrard and Morris. Happy days.Is there any way i can find out exactly when i was at this school.Would love to know?

  20. Pauline Sargent on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi Paddy

    Thanks so much for sharing your memories. Many people write about their visits to Drimnagh or about when they lived there and how fond of the place they are.


  21. Dave Healy on Monday 31, 2010

    Hi..I was born on Dromard Rd 1961. I am looking for anybody born or who lived on Dromard rd in the early sixties. My Parent Doris and Frank Healy left Drimnagh in 1975. Looking for Careys, Lyons, Nolans.
    Thank You
    Dave Healy

  22. Michael (Mike) Lawlor on Monday 31, 2010

    I lived in Drimnagh (Curlew Road) from 1938-1964. Shortly I am publishing a memoir which covers my experience of growing up in Drimnagh,covering that period. I will let you know the date of publishing in a couple of months.
    I now live in Ballsbridge.
    Mike Lawlor.

  23. philip coventry on Monday 31, 2010

    i was born in drimnagh july 1954

  24. Pauline Sargent on Monday 31, 2010

    Thanks of letting me know. Would be happy to share details of the book once it is published just let me know.



  25. Kevin lyons on Monday 31, 2010

    I was born in drimnagh in 1945 k