About seven community & voluntary workers from Drimnagh attended the Dublin 12 Network/Communications event today in Moeran Hall, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. We joined in with others from Crumlin, Walkinstown & Greenhills and the purpose of the event was to explore the experiences, challenges & opportunities around developing more effective communications & networking in the Dublin 12 area. (a more in depth review to follow shortly)

Part of the workshop included a presentation on setting the scene for social media & how it could be used for organisations in the Dublin 12 area. Due to the original presenter cancelling I stepped in & with the kind permission of the lovely Nathalie Mc Dermott from On Road Media was able to use her great slides. And as a good few people asked, here’s the presentation in full for your reference.   Social Media in Ireland for Charities

I also mentioned the Social Animals Ireland website which is a place where perhaps the Dublin 12 community groups could start using straight away to link up and share info, ideas and resources about how social media can work for us in Dublin 12 area & beyond. As Nathalie says we can share what works – and what doesn’t!!!

What do you think? Would it be a good start to continuing the discussion we had today? I’ll be posting the other links & fact sheets as promised, onto the Social Animals Ireland website over the next few days. Hope it all helps.

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