Came across this yesterday & thought it might be of interest to Drimnagh readers. It’s for a new TV program by RTÉ called Do The Right Thing.  RTE are now searching for particpants to take part in the show to find two winners who will become Ultimate volunteers & travel the world working on various projects.

So do you think you have the potential to be an ultimate volunteer like this Drimnagh volunteer pictured here.

Sinead from the Do the Right Thing development team had this to say about the programme.

“This is an exciting new TV show that celebrates the good in people and gives people a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain new skills and experiences. No previous volunteering experience is required and our application process is open to everyone”.

Check out the synopsis on what is expected from participants below. You can also find more details on their Facebook page here.


This show puts out a call for aspiring volunteers from all walks of life. People who are ready to put their lives on hold for a year and travel to some of the most challenging places on earth.  A new TV event with a heart.  A show that celebrates all that is good about the human spirit.

80 volunteers will be selected to attend a weekend volunteer camp in Ireland, where they will work together on a large-scale project. Experts from volunteering and aid organisations will monitor their progress.

The best 16 will be invited to join The Volunteer Project and spend 8 weeks challenging themselves in all aspects of overseas volunteering.

Tests of leadership, adaptability, resourcefulness, robustness, organisational and planning skills, amongst others.

At the end of each challenge the volunteers themselves will decide which girl and which guy will leave the show. Their decisions will be based on performance and advice from guiding experts.

The Winners

In the end one guy and one girl will win the most challenging and rewarding year of their lives. They will spend a year travelling and working together in some of the most difficult places on the planet, all expenses paid.

They will become our Ultimate Volunteers.

The Series

We’re looking for the strongest characters to send to some of the toughest places in the world.

Although there will ultimately be only two winners, the other volunteers will now be better placed than ever to offer themselves to Aid Organisations both at home and overseas.

The viewing public will have seen an inspirational window into the world of overseas aid organisations and the volunteers who work on the frontline of global development.

No previous volunteering experience is required and we are looking for aspiring volunteers from all walks of life. Do The Right Thing….APPLY NOW!

Interesting Facts

  • In 2009 over 3000 Irish people volunteered overseas. (Irish Aid)
  • Most of these were short-term (1-6 months)
  • Approx 60% of these volunteers were female
  • 2011 is the official ‘European Year of Volunteering’ (European Commission)

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  1. winnie on Wednesday 23, 2010

    I know quiet a few that could be put on that list but the away bit would be difficult
    we need one for homeprojects