Good news for Drimnagh people about their nearest public swimming pool. The Save our Swimming pool campaigners issued this press release today.

The quote below is from a recent letter sent by the City Manager, John Tierney….

“You will recollect that at the April Meeting of the Council a report was presented regarding the Swimming Pools. It was discussed at the meeting and a motion was put and carried.  Management were requested to give further consideration to alternative proposals and to make every effort to find the resources to keep the pools open if at all possible. I agreed to work with the Council, go through the finances and explore all possible options.

I am currently carrying out a financial review with the Head of Finance and as you are well aware our resource base continues to shrink. However, as part of this review I have asked the Culture, Recreation and Amenity Department to again examine the potential for the Swimming Pools to be retained for a further period”.

Good news indeed for the swimmers of Crumlin and word on the ground is that the Council has identified additional funding that will guarantee the future of the pool until the end of 2010 at least.

Further indications that the Council has changed its mind on closing the pool is evident as they have just released details of extended summer opening hours at Crumlin.

You can check out the swimming pool times on here.

The Crumlin SOS Group welcomes these positive developments and is committed to assisting the Council in any way possible to ensure a successful long term future of the pool.

Great credit is due to the Dublin 12 Community and all our Local Councillors and TD’s who worked hard to secure the future of the pool.

Gerry Mc Guigan (Chair SOS, Crumlin)

087 2535193


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  1. Vera Hussey on Tuesday 29, 2010

    Delighted to hear this. Though I do not swim myself, its a must for the community. Well done to all who petitioned

  2. pauline on Tuesday 29, 2010

    Hi Vera

    Thank you for your comment. I have passed it onto the chair of the Crumlin SOS group. A lot of hard work has gone into the campaign so they will be delighted their efforts have paid off so far.