Did you know that those affected by dementia, their family and carers have the opportunity to avail of the local facilities of the Alzheimer Day Care centre in Drimnagh on Curlew Road.  The centre is run by a team of 10 and is open from 08.30 until 4.30 Monday to Friday. The centre caters for up to 20 people for those living with dementia & alzheimers.

Assistant manager Edel Byrne spoke about the quality of care they offer & about the support they provide to the carers & families.

If your life or someone you care about is affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or a related dimentia then you can contact the Drimnagh Alzheimer day care centre by phone at 01  465 0437 or by email asicurlewroad@alzheimer.ie . Alternatively, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland which is Ireland’s leading dementia specific service provider with over 100 services across the country are available to call at their National Helpline 1800 341 341.

To gain a more personal insight to what it is like to be living with dementia then check out this blog by Leah, an American lady, who details exactly what it feels like & records her methods of trying to deal with the disease on a daily basis.

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  1. Maura Mahony on Thursday 8, 2010

    Just like to know if you need any volunteers at the present time

  2. pauline on Thursday 8, 2010

    Hello Maura

    Thanks for your comment. Hope you found Dirmnagh is Good interesting. I will pass your question onto Edel in the Alzheimers centre.

    Thanks Pauline

  3. Brian on Thursday 8, 2010

    My father attends this center and has found it very helpfull with slowing down the progression of the disease