Drimnagh Grand Canal clean up #2

Finola and her team are getting ready for the next Drimnagh Grand Canal clean up on Saturday the 06th November 2010.  

Thanks to everyone for coming out for the inaugral Drimnagh Friends of the Grand Canal. Thanks particularly to Brian in the Bosco for all your support and for getting some more hands on deck. Also big thank you to Ger and co from Finola.

Finola is in the process of talking with Waterways Ireland and Dublin City Council see if we can get more support for an industrial clean up. She is also going to ask the RPA or Veolia for sponsorship for vests which say Drimnagh Volunteers, which will help let people know that it is volunteers doing the clean up and hopefully will attract more  people to join in easily. There is another group that are cleaning from Sally’s  Bridge to Dolphin Rd & Finola will be getting in touch with them about linking up in some way.

In the meantime, Finola says any suggestions for rousing more people would be welcome.She believes that the main value in this is being visible about caring for our place, our community. Which they certainly proved on the last  day. A lot of hard work was put in by all the volunteers at the last clean up. 

So thanks again, it was great, dirty, great work. If like Finola, you felt like a sap sometimes, well feck it, lets do it anyway.

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  1. winnie on Wednesday 27, 2010

    great idea and hopefully i will be able to make the next one