Derelict Building, Drimnagh/Inchichore Grand Canal

Ghost estates & derelict buildings are a sign of the times, with Drimnagh having it’s own fair share of derelict buildings. This one pictured on the left would be familiar to many local Drimnagh people. It has never been occupied & many locals see it as an eyesore.

The next development plan for Dublin City 2007-2011 is reaching the final stages before it is fully implemented.Local councillors Brid Smith & Joan Collins have sent on details of submissions & motions made in relation to proposed amendments. (This blog is also happy to post other councillors submissions/motions if you wish to pass them on)  

The motions had to be in by 03rd November and the Council meeting is on the 23rd of Nov. This is the stage after the “public consultation”. The city manager comes back again with his amendments, a lot of them are trying to revert back to what the city manager wants in height, density etc for the inner and outer city so the councillors had to go back in and amend his amendments.  Hope it’s not too confusing for people.



Submission/motion 1

 That this  Council amends Table 5 of Section to include “Crumlin”

Submission/motion 2

That this council does not accept the proposed  Z1 zoning for Map G, ma3, and that it remains at Z9 zoning.

This is in relation to the residential section only of the park at the front of the health centre between Old county road and crumlin road. I am concerned that if it zoned for residential (Z1) it could open it up, in the future for the land to be sold and possible apartments. I would prefer it stays Z9 (green space) Let me know what you think.

Submission/Motion 3

 That this Council confirms that the word “residential” remains omitted from the educational, Community and Health Z15 zoning.

Submission/motion 4

 That this council retains all densities as per the DoEHLG Sustainable Residential Development Guidelines.

Submission/Motion 5

That this Council retains the public transport corridors zone to 500m (17.6.1)

Submission/motion 6

 The Council resolves to amend the Table at Sect 17.6.2, “definition of a High Building” as follows


“low-rise relates to the prevailing local context”

 And replace it with:

“Low-rise is defined by the prevailing local height”

Submission/motion 7

That this Council rejects the Managers recommendations in relation to the increased height of the low rise category for the outer city to 5 storey residential and retains the 4 storey residential guide. In addition, this Council reject ts the Managers recommendation on section 17.6.1(ii)(c) which again increases the height to 5 storeys.

Submission/motion 8

That this Council amends the section 17.6.2- Definition of a High Building and any other related sections of the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 from 7 storey office height to 5 storey office height in the inner city.

Submission/motion 9

 That this council  is satisfied with section 9.4.4 policy RE17 and supports it as it stands. The Council does not support the proposed management amendment.

submission/motion 10

Section 6.4.4  proposed GC17A, to include after the first sentence “It is the policy of Dublin City Council to seek an overall Liffey River Authority, an example would be  the Lagan River Authority”

Unoccupied building

The building as shown at the top of this post is now for sale. Any buyers??

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  1. steve white on Monday 8, 2010

    you saying that building is derelict?

  2. pauline on Monday 8, 2010

    Hi Steve

    Maybe not quite derelict yet. The building has not been occupied since it was built. And the area around the base of the building is neglected.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. winnie on Monday 8, 2010

    does submission “10 “mean that there would be a group specifically to look at the development of the river liffey (like a sub group of the council)
    what decision making powers would they have?
    would make sence to have such an authority