Drimnagh man Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke nominee for Ireland Involved Awards

Lots of luck and best wishes to Daniel Burke who is one of 30 nominees at the Ireland Involved 2010 Awards cermony tonight in the Mansion House.

Great news isn’t it !!! Cool to have such a fantastic doer & thinker representing Drimnagh & bringing real change to young peoples lives.   

Each volunteer shortlisted for an award has their own page on the Ireland Involved awards website, where you can leave a message of support and thanks. Each person’s messages will be collated into a booklet and presented to the volunteer as a special keepsake. So if you know Daniel or think what he is doing is great then click here and make a comment.

Below is an extract from the Ireland Involved awards site talking about Daniel.

Drimnagh Club 4U

Nominated under the category Children & Young People

Daniel Burke is 20 years old and sits on the adult committee for Drimnagh Club 4U.  Daniel joined the club as a junior crew member aged 16 and from day one has committed himself 100% to developing the club.

Daniel is on the events committee and has organised variety shows, youth discos and weekend trips for the young people. Moreover, Daniel has formed a vital link with the elderly in the local area, the local church and Crumlin Hospital. His aim is to also promote alcohol and drug awareness.

This has made a significant impact on the Drimnagh Club 4U. Daniel is a role model to young people. Daniel’s focus is on the positive attributes of the local community. Daniel works hard at disassociating Drimnagh from the negative images portrayed in the media. He is intent on highlighting the good work of the young people in Club 4U. He has got the teenagers involved in working with the elderly in the local old folks centre. He has also helped establish a link with the Children’s Hospital.

Daniel is an outstanding volunteer. He is a confident and assertive young man and deserves to have all of his hard work recognized. His work with the local Garda Siochana, old folks home, children’s hospital and parish church ensure that Daniel is a vital member of the community and an outstanding volunteer.

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    All the best Daniel