DCC filling water bags

Dublin City Council workers filling bags with water for Drimnagh residents on Mourne Road. Not sure how many Drimnagh residents have been afffected by the water shortage & cuts over the last few weeks. And how you have been getting updates about when the cuts are taking place each day? I wonder how people with no access to the internet were getting updates over the christmas & New Year? Let us know ?

It is amazing how quickly you get used to something. We went from storing water in pots by the kitchen sink ….

Pots of Water

To getting a large plastic container with a tap on it.

New style tap

And with the bath full, most evenings were manageble for a family of four. Although a totally different story when we had family visiting!!! So how about you did you cope with the water cuts? Do you think Dublin City Council & your local councillors/politicians did all they could to keep you informed?

Dublin City Council have set up a blog called “Major Alerts” which provides daily updates on what times the water will be cut off in each area, depending on what water system your house is on. You can access this blog through this link directly or you can go through the main Dublin City Council website. All very good if you are computer literate but as I said earlier what about people with no internet access, how was Dublin City Council warning them of the cut off times?

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  1. JL Pagano on Tuesday 4, 2011

    Have to say they’ve been spot-on with their information down our way to date, and inconvenience has been minimal.

  2. pauline on Tuesday 4, 2011

    No your right, I agree their information about when water is been turned on & off has been great & a huge improvement on previous years. I was just wondering for people with no internet access how they were getting updates. Are the timings being listed in the papers or posted somewhere locally for people to view??

  3. JL Pagano on Tuesday 4, 2011

    Not sure about paper notification, but this web page has been gospel so far…