Thank you to Ruaire Mc Ginley for being the the first to respond to our 500 words request.

Cllr Ruairi McGinley is an experienced public representative who has served on Dublin City Council from 1995 onwards. Ruairi contested the 1997 general election alongside Gay Mitchel MEP

Ruairi is an accountant by profession and has seen the impact of the current economic downturn at first hand. Ruairi is committed to measures to increase employment as he believes that jobs is the number 1 issue at the present time.  Ruairi is seeking an opportunity to serve in the Dail and being able to contribute to shaping legislation. Change will come through politics which is about ideas and their implementation. Politics is a complex process of contact with constituents , networking and forming alliances.

Ruairi believes that Fine Gael  have a vital role to play in the recovery of Ireland as a country. We are the only party to have an understanding of fiscal realities and also an understanding that it is real economic activity in the private sector via exports that will once again create jobs and economic wealth. We need to be honest in our assessment of situation and present a package of measures that will create employment , achieve sustainable public finances and direct scarce resources to jobs and also to those who require social support most.

The recession has impacted Ruairi and he has had the experience of being between jobs over the past couple of years and dealing with current catastrophic jobs market which is such a cause of concern to so many people.

As a country we are facing challenging issues in the areas of taxation, public expenditure and charging for services. We need be honest in our assessment of situation and present a package of measures that will create employment , achieve sustainable public finances , direct scarce resources to employment and also to those who require social support most.  Amongst the challenges is the reclaiming of our full national sovereignty which requires that we emerge out of our current bankruptcy position where no one will lend to us.  This requires a government with credibility to be trusted once again first by Irish people and secondly by market based lenders. Ireland can once again become a successful country.

Ruairi has developed a strong understanding of financial issues in the local authority system and how local authorities contribute to economic development.  Ruairi hopes to have an opportunity to influence the development of the best possible national budgetary measures.

This involves cutting costs from the top rather than the bottom.

When elected Ruairi is promising to work hard for the 5 year Dail term in the interests of all constituents and in the cause of national recovery,which is desperately needed.

Ruairi  has served on the Board  of Our Ladies Childrens Hospital Crumlin for 6 years.

He is available to constituents at weekly advice centres and can be contacted via e-mail or phone.  Ruairi McGinley works with other Fine Gael representatives Gay Mitchell MEP and Catherine Byrne TD for the area. mob 0868301111

Picture of Ruairi Mc Ginley Fine Gael candidate for the Dublin South Central area

Ruairi McGinley

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