Thank you to Joan Collins for being the second to respond to our 500 words request.

The Main Parties say there is no alternative  Joan Collins says Put People Before Profit!

This election will be historic.  You are being asked to choose between parties who will continue with current policies of bailing out banks, wrecking the country and hammering the ordinary tax payer or those who offer real change and a new beginning .

I know  the problems facing the people  in Dublin South Central are unemployment, emigration and cuts in your income or benefits. We have also seen vital health and education services undermined by cuts in spending.  I say clearly that Instead of bailing out bankers we must invest our resources into jobs, enterprise, infrastructure and public services.  Instead of giving more of your money to the banks we should put it into jobs for our young people.

To do this, we need to build a new, principled, left alternative to challenge the cosy political establishment. I have played a key  in establishing the People Before Profit Alliance and more recently the United Left Alliance.  Along with Joe Higgins we are working for a different kind of society where the needs of people and the environment come before the greed of bankers and speculators.

You know if I get elected I wont be jumping on the expenses bandwagon or looking for a cosy job. If I get elected I will ensure that the government hears your views and that the problems of ordinary people are addressed before those of the cosy club who are wrecking the country.

I was first elected to Dublin City Council in 2004, and re-elected in 2009. I live in Inchicore and work in An Post. Many people tell me I have earned a well deserved reputation as a hard working, capable and experienced public representative.  Since I was elected to Dublin City Council in 2004 I have worked tirelessly on your behalf.

I led the mass Anti Bin Tax campaign in Dublin 12 and will oppose water charges and taxes on family homes. I have called, on Dublin City Council for NAMA properties to be given to the City Council to solve the city’s housing crisis. It is a scandal that NAMA properties lie empty while thousands are on the housing waiting list.

Along with local community  activists I initiated the campaign which stopped the closure of Crumlin swimming pool. I have campaigned to stop the closure of the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin and Cherry Orchard Hospital in Ballyfermot.

I have campaigned, along with fellow People Before Profit Councillor Brid Smith, on a wide range of issues affecting ordinary people in Dublin South Central, including organising with local people to stop inappropriate and high-rise development.

Along with my fellow People Before Profit/United Left Alliance candidates I am making the following election pledge;

“TDs and ministers are paid far too much. If elected as a TD I will only take the average industrial wage, the remainder will be donated to campaigns and organisations that put people and communities first.”

I believe we need public representatives who will act as campaigners and organisers of ‘people power’ on behalf of working people.   As a priority  I will fight for a reversal of the cuts in social welfare and the minimum wage. I will demand abolition of the Universal Social Charge for those on low incomes.

About the author

Pauline Sargent Pauline Sargent is the founder of Drimnagh is Good a hyperlocal community website bog for the people of Drimnagh. Connect with Pauline on Google + me on Google+

  1. Gerry Mc Guigan on Wednesday 16, 2011

    It’s Time for Real Change and I for one believe that Joan Collins can bring about that change.
    She has my No:1

  2. Vera Hussey on Wednesday 16, 2011

    Inspiring Joan. I know if you get elected we can trust you 100%.

  3. stephen homan on Wednesday 16, 2011

    joan has been elected and rightly so she has worked tiredlesly for the rights of ordinary people and put them before profit and indeed is fantastic that a person of her calibre is present in the new dail she holds the peoples trust and will defend that trust till her last breath .she raises the standard of politics in ireland we need more like her congradulations joan well done