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As a young candidate in the forthcoming General Election I look forward to bringing fresh idea to Irish politics. I am standing as a General Election candidate, hoping to be given the opportunity to serve the people of Dublin South Central. Political reform, real leadership, honesty must be the hallmark of the next Government. I want to be part of the process that will bring about those changes. Your number one vote is what I need to achieve my objectives, on your behalf.

All across the country families are suffering from a recession they did not cause. Businesses are struggling to stay open due to the crisis in our economy. This situation arose out of the dire mismanagement of our economy by a Government beholden to its friends in banking and property development. This false boom drove up the cost of living, increased inequality and turned us into a  society of “ have’s “ and “have not’s”. Now that the boom has turned to bust, communities are experiencing unemployment ; families are separated by the return of large scale emigration; schools are losing Special Needs Assistants; health care is a luxury for the many families who are stretched to make ends meet.

What has been clear since the boom turned to bust was that those who were responsible would never be able to fix the mess they created. The greatest mistake of this past Government was to prioritise the interests of banks over the people they were supposed to serve. This decision and its consequences have created a crisis of confidence in the ability of politics to address the challenges we face.

This election allows the Irish people have their say on the future they want for themselves and their families. It is an opportunity for a fresh start, to begin to build confidence and to chart a new course for our country. As a young person I want to take part in this process by using my knowledge and experience to address the issues and concerns of the people of Dublin South Central.

I strongly believe in the ability of Irish people and the potential of the right people in public service to overcome our current situation. We need real political reform, but we also need real leadership to serve all those in our society and not just a select few.

As a Councillor for the Crumlin/Kimmage ward of Dublin City Council I worked to serve the best interests of my constituents on issues such as improved public facilities, better public transport and tackling anti-social behaviour. If elected I will bring the same honesty of effort to serving all those in the wider constituency equally.

I want to form part of a strong Labour Government, which has the policies to get people back to work, to sustain small and medium enterprises and to reform our health and education systems.

There is no easy way out of our economic difficulties, however a strong stable government made up of competent people will be a start. I am seeking the endorsement of the people of Dublin South Central to be a strong new voice for them.

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  1. Brian Stafford on Thursday 17, 2011

    Lovely just what we need in Ireland empty rhetoric and more dynasties. It is no wonder you did not just write Hope and Change for 500 words. The vacuousness of Labour is one of the many disgraces of our retarded political system. Your party has long since stopped representing the interests of people in constituencies like Dublin South Central. Labour and FG cheerled as FF and partners ruined the country. It is not only Michael Martin and his cronies that have short memories of auction politics. Now all these established parties expect people to believe that they have seen the light and it is called political reform. Yeah right.