It was a beautiful evening yesterday in Drimnagh. So nice I had to take a quick pic & share it here for all.

Hope you like it :-)

Also I’m playing around with doing blog posts from my phone. I downloaded the WordPress app onto my iPhone last night. Once I’ve figured it out I’m hoping it will help with putting up more posts faster.

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  1. JL Pagano on Wednesday 2, 2011

    What type of phone have you?

  2. pauline on Wednesday 2, 2011

    An iPhone 3 … I figured it out thanks

  3. Drimnite on Wednesday 2, 2011

    I find the best view of the sun set in drimnagh in the summer is from hospital end of cooley road, the sun sets directly in line with the road

  4. pauline on Wednesday 2, 2011


    Thanks for the tip. Will give it a try some day.


  5. Fintan Tandy on Wednesday 2, 2011

    Great photo Pauliine some good Drimnagh pics here.