picture of the Carruth Roundabout on Mourne Rd in Drimnagh Dublin 12

Like @willperrin of Kings Cross Environment one of the reasons I set this blog up was to “keep a public record of actions on the local street environment” in Drimnagh.  Instead of keeping any dialogue with Dublin City Council & other local service providers private, all conversations & information requests concerning the Drimnagh area will be recorded on this public blog.

The purpose is to highlight the work that Dublin City Council & other service providers do in Drimnagh & help generate a greater awareness of the costs & resources needed to maintain a community area such as Drimnagh.

Below you will find a request submitted by email to Dublin City Council in relation to the work done recently on 2 Drimnagh roundabouts & on Kilworth Green. The reponse from Dublin City Council & further emails from me are also there.

February 2011 – copy of email request sent to DCC for costs on work done to some green areas in Drimnagh

Hoping you can help I am looking for the costings of the following. Could DCC provide a total cost & a breakdown of the costs.

* 1) Carruth roundabout development
* 2) The roundabout outside Mourne Rd church
* 3) The Green on Kilworth road ( Is this work finished)

2) Also details of any consultation done for the new developments with nearby residents.

3) Lastly, who were the service providers & was there a tendering process for any of the work.


on the same day following response received from Dublin City Council

The following is the information required:

Carruth Roundabout:

Stonemason’s costs: €1996.50

Planting: €332.50

Mourne Road/Sperrin Road Roundabout:

Demolition and removal of old wall and railings: €7,946

New kerbing: €7,750

Trees: €4,500

Kilworth Green:

Paving and removal of Waste Material: €3,728.78

Supply of materials and work carried out: €4,340.40

Ash tree: €423.50

Extensive consultation was carried out with the residents of Kilworth Road before any work was carried out.

The naming of the Carruth Roundabout was agreed by the South Central Area committee.

The railings and plinth wall at the Mourne Road/Sperrin Road roundabout were in a bad state of repair and needed to be replaced.

The engagement of all suppliers was in accordance with Dublin City Council’s Ordering, Quotation & Tender Advertising Procedures.

and a few further questions from me on the same day

Thanks for the prompt response. Just a few more questions.

1) What was the cost of the tree’s & shrubs for the Carruth roundabout?
2) What were the labour costs for all three projects?
3) Who did the labout was it DCC workers or outside providers?
4) Do DCC & the Kilworth Residents consider the green to be finished?
5) Can you provide a link to the ordering, quotation & advertising process.

I am doing a report on the Drimnagh is Good site on the costs for maintaining public spaces in a community like Drimnagh.The purpose is to heighten awareness of public spending & to help people understand where our public money goes, & the process that is involved.

The last response from DCC was on the 03rd February

The cost of the planting at the Carruth roundabout is included in my previous e-mail.

The labour for the projects in included in the costs apart for the planting at the Carruth roundabout which was carried out by DCC staff from the Parks Department. I do not however have a breakdown of labour costs in this case.

Contractors carried out the works at Mourne Road/Sperrin Road roundabout and at Kilworth Road.

Works to the green at Kilworth Road are complete.

I am investigating if there is an electronic link to the City Council’s Ordering, Quotation & Tender Advertising Procedures. I will contact you again when I receive this information. In the meantime I can sent you a hard copy if you advise me of the address to sent it to.

I haven’t have time to respond to Dublin City Council since the last email but will keep you upated as I get more information.

It is interesting to compare the total costs of the 2 roundabouts & Kilworth green & then see the result of the finished work.

Carruth Roundabout                              = €2,329.00

Mourne Rd/Sperrin Rd Roundabout      = €20,196.00

Kilworth Green                                       = €8,492.68

What do you think? Any thoughts or questions let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. Vera Hussey on Monday 21, 2011

    the Carruth roundabout seems reasonable but the Kilworth Green seems expensive, but I am shocked at the cost fo the Mourne/Sperrin roundabout! However I do not know much about these matters. You just have to hope its money well spent…