United Left alliance Public Meeting notice Policitica leaflet in door from United Left Alliance

In the run up to the Irish General Election in February 2011 36 candidate election leaflets or lettersĀ  were uploaded to the excellent Kildare Street’s website Election Leaflets 2011. So I thought it would be a good idea to keep a track of the post election leaflets from the our TDs for 2011 & see what is on their agenda & how we the community can get involved.

I will follow the same criteria used by the Kildare Street election leaflets website. As in will provide a brief description of leaflet, categories talked about & if any negative mentions of other parties.

So first up is a leaflet from the United Left Alliance local TD Joan Collins for the Dublin South Central area.

The leaflet is firstly thanking all those who voted for Joan, then introducing her relacement Pat Dunne as Dublin city councillor. Lastly, it is about 2 public meetings taking place on April 18th & 19th in Drimnagh & Crumlin. (oops meant to post this sooner) The meetings were about “The alternative to Cuts & unemployment”. Anyone who went along it would be great to hear what you thought of it.



Political Reform

Bank Debt

Universal Social Charge

Negative Mentions of other Parties

Fianna Fail


Fine Gael

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