Sign on Drimnagh Lamppost advertising Mourne Rd Community Bingo

Bingo in Drimnagh

Mourne Rd Community Bingo starting this Friday the 6th Of May at 8.15pm.

Just noticed this sign as I was heading into work on this gorgous morning.

And I was wondering do you know anything more about the event. Like who is organising it? Or what is the Mourne Rd Community?

Not sure where it is on either. I know the GAA Good Counsel have Bingo evenings every Wednesday in their club at 9pm. So it would be interesting to know where the Mourne Rd Community Bingo is going to be held.

Great to see more events & activity in Drimnagh. What do you think? What would you like to see more of happening in Drimnagh?

Update: 04th May 2011. Apparently, the Bingo is being run by a private business in the Mourne Rd Hall every Friday evening. It will be traditional Bingo with winners announced on the night.

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  1. winnie on Tuesday 3, 2011

    yes great to see more positive stuff happening
    and dont forget about our weekly walk from mourne road church on wednesday mornings at 10.30.

  2. Johnnie on Tuesday 3, 2011

    Yes, I know that there is a bingo on every friday in Our Ladys Hall. I have went since it has opened and it is a great night. It isnt like any of the other bingo’s. It is enjoyable, you dont spend an arm and a leg as book are very cheap for the cash payouts. I think people of Drimnagh should support their community centre.