Drimnagh is Good was asked to let you know of a terrible attack on a dog in Drimnagh’s Landsdowne Valley Park on Bank Holiday Monday morning, 02nd May 2011.

I am writing to you because my beautiful 11 month old Maltese terrier was viciously attacked and killed by 3 dangerous breed dogs at 11am this morning in Lansdowne Valley Park in Drimnagh. My dog was on his lead – the 3 dangerous dogs were with their owners & not on their leads or muzzled. It was an extremely traumatic and terrifying experience.

Below is a photo of the lovely Enzo & Dino. Dino (on the right) is the dog killed yesteday.
Picture of 2 Maltese dogs called Enzo & Dino

The owners have reported this to the gardai, the DSPCA and the dog warden. They have also posted on boards.ie. They would like Drimnagh people’s support in highlighting this to warn as many people as possible.


These are some photos of the breeds who attacked Dino in Lansdowne Valley park on Monday. It is believed that the 2 identical dogs were staffordshire bull crosses and they were taller and broader then the dogs in the images below, but otherwise the same.
picture of a staffordshire bull dog

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  1. Gavin Stokes on Wednesday 4, 2011

    Just wondering has their been any update on this, I walk my dog sometimes in that area and would be concerned when walking in future

  2. pauline on Wednesday 4, 2011

    Hi Gavin

    I haven’t heard back. Will check it out & let you know.