Yesterday, after the Drimnagh is Good blog was shown on Capital D I got a telephone call from a 79 year old man in Wexford. His name is Dermot Ryan & he told me he used to live in Drimnagh & that he had a photo that he would like to share & put on the blog.

Drimnagh School confirmation boys

Mourne Rd Confirmation Boys 1946

Dermot was 11 when the picture was taken & he is sitting directly behind the plaque. He was telling me that the boys wearing scull caps their fathers were working. Interesting would like to know more about that. Also, in 1946 the teachers in the secondary school went on strike & he never went back to school as a result.

His parents moved to Drimnagh from Allingham Street (now pulled down) and they lived at 30 Sperrin Road, this was  around 1939. The church and school were only at the building stage and he went on to say that Drimnagh was then called North Crumlin.

He can’t recall a house that did not have a second generation living there and in his case his  maternal grandmother and next door the Murphy’s had both grandparents. As young boys and girls they amused themselves with a biscuit tin lid. They used wait at the round-about for the 22 bus to come and then jump on the lid and grab the back bumper and get a great ride. Dermot laughed and said health & safety officials would have a nervous break-down along with their mothers if they knew,what they were up to.

It was really lovely talking to you Dermot & hopefully we will get to hear some more stories from you. So do you know anyone in this photo or someone who may know?  If so let us know and share your story.

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  1. Vera Hussey on Friday 17, 2011

    thanks for Dermot’s lovely bit of history. would just love to hear more stories like this