Last night this blog Drimnagh is Good featured on Capital D, a weekly TV programme that focuses on human interest stories and cultural events in the Dublin area.

Athena Media came along to Drimnagh and filmed Drimnagh people doing different kinds of community work in their local area. The show went on air last night & Drimnagh got great positive coverage.

Drimnagh in Dublin South Central is a place that can get its share of bad headlines but spend a day around the area and it’s the strength of community activism that strikes you.

And judging from the texts, tweets & emails Drimnagh may have inspired a few more people to get out & about in their areas. Here’s the Drimnagh clip from the programme just click on vimeo.

Drimnagh is Good from Athena Media on Vimeo.

About the author

Pauline Sargent Pauline Sargent is the founder of Drimnagh is Good a hyperlocal community website bog for the people of Drimnagh. Connect with Pauline on Google + me on Google+

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