´╗┐Who’s interested in how our local Councillors vote tonight at the Dublin City Council special meeting for the Presidential candidates. It’s on at 6.45pm this evening & you can watch it live at this link.

Saw this form as below done for the Dublin South County Councillors from the great Tallaght Facebook page. Thought it was a good idea. I’ll fill this in later once the votes are cast. What do you think? Exciting or couldn’t care less?

photo of an excel sheet listing how the Dublin south central candidates voted for David Norris to be allowed in the presedential campaign

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  1. Andreas on Tuesday 27, 2011

    They should nominate Norris for the sake of democracy. Let the people have their say. The only reason they have been blocking him [FG especially] is because he might win. If he had no chances of winning, the nomination would have not been a problem.

  2. winifred on Tuesday 27, 2011

    Hi As well as the Presidential Election is there any info around the other issues that we have to vote on on the same day. Any thing going on locally around Active Citizenship ?