Drimnagh People Wanted.

Things are really starting to happen for Drimnagh and we need more people involved. At the moment Drimnagh has a few people doing a lot of great work. THAT NEEDS to CHANGE if Drimnagh wants to be the driving force in making Drimnagh a great place to live.

We need a lot of people doing less work on a more regular basis to make these projects successful.

What can you do? Get involved in one of these areas.

FOR FUN – Drimnagh Festival 2012

Next meeting is Thursday 24th November 2011 in the Bosco Youth Centre at 7.30pm. There’s a great group of young people leading the Festival for 2012 and they are looking for ideas, people and local businesses to get involved.

FOR HEALTH -Drimnagh Smarter Travel 2011-2012

Take this survey for a start http://www.mco.ie/resource It will only take 5 minutes. Become a Drimnagh Walking leader and donate 4 hours a month of your time to helping people get out of the house and get fit (training & regular support provided). More details to follow soon.

FOR COMMUNITY  - Drimnagh Forum

Please come along to the Drimnagh Community Network AGM this Tuesday the 22nd at 7pm in the Bosco Youth Centre to find out more about how you can get involved.

Drimnagh Community Network is an umbrella organisation representing Drimnagh people and organisations at statutory level. This is where decisions are made on your behalf about all sorts of things, health, employment, planning, parks, disability and sports. Recently the network made some changes to its name and structure. The reason for this change is that it is now becoming a part of the Dublin County Council Community Forum. This will provide Drimnagh with a more structured format in getting it’s views heard and dealt with by the right boards and statutory bodies.

So what do you think? Have you 5 hours a month to spare? Have you got a skill or resource that would help these committees? Let us know at drimnaghcommunitynetworkl@gmail.com or make a comment below.

About the author

Pauline Sargent Pauline Sargent is the founder of Drimnagh is Good a hyperlocal community website bog for the people of Drimnagh. Connect with Pauline on Google + me on Google+

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