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When I was a small kid in the 1970s there was a little shop up the street in our little suburb of Drimnagh in South Dublin, Ireland. We called it ‘the kiosk’ and it sat in the roundabout in front of our church.The kiosk sold everything from cigarettes to ice-pops, popcorn and toffees, chocolates and shampoo, the list goes on and on. You never actually got to go into the kiosk, they served customers through a small window at the front of this funny little building, it didn’t look much bigger than our kitchen (and our kitchen was not big believe me) but I yearned to see inside, I imagined there was a secret trap door in the floor which would lead you down a metal spiral staircase to a large basement, alas I never got to appease my curiosity……..

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  1. winifred on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Brilliant story. Not been born in drimnagh cant wait to read some more and I will definitely be passing the link onto the in-laws to jog their memories

  2. Fergus on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Nice piece of social history. I lived on Sperrin Road through the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s and remember the old kiosk well.

  3. Mark on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Just to let you all know the Kiosk is still up and running after a few changes of owners, the roundabout has undergone a facelift the wall and raillings have now gone trees have been planted and a new large Granite Welcome to Drimnagh Stone has been erected.

  4. Drimnite on Wednesday 23, 2011

    See the little pic in his article, is that the actual same kiosk there today. Anyone able to varify that, if it is the whole roundabout looks totally different. I remember railings but this seems to be pre railings and little pathways through it. Great little article and as pauline says hopefully we can get more of this type of stuff up in the near future

  5. Alan Carroll on Wednesday 23, 2011

    @drimnite the photo of the kiosk in my story http://carrollnumber7.blogspot.com/2011/11/two-penny-toffees-and-loose-cigarette.html is not the Drimnagh kiosk. I believe it may be one in Crumlin as it seems there were a few scattered around the area.
    I couldn’t secure a photo of the Drimnagh one but if you come across a pic let me know and I can drop it into my blog.

  6. Carmel Bull nee sutcliffe on Wednesday 23, 2011

    lived on Knocknarea Rd opp school and used the kiosk every day ,anyone remember Willie o`Briens and his brother Brendan,Pepsi May selling sweets on his hand cart ,so many memories it was a great place to live, lived there from 1954 till 1973 mrs Egan on Sunday morning outside school ,they were the good days lol xxx

  7. pauline on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Great story Alan and lovely to have an era of Drimnagh documented so well. @drimnite your right there was railings. They were only removed last year when the upgrade happened and the roundabout went all posh.

    Will try to get down a get a new picture of it this weekend. I did write an article sometime ago about the differences in costs of the roundabouts in Drimnagh that some people may find interesting.

    Keep the stories of the people of Drimnagh coming. We love them.

  8. Drimnite on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Sound Alan, yeah thought it looked like somewhere else, like over in Leighlin road or Kells road or one of them fields. Yeah I do be in a postion that I may come across pics so I’ll let ya know if I do. Maith an fear.

  9. mikie d on Wednesday 23, 2011

    i livd on cooley road great memories great peole I met a few of the locals a while back the memories flooded

  10. noel may on Wednesday 23, 2011


  11. Pauline Sargent on Wednesday 23, 2011

    Thanks Noel….we have Facebook page as well that may interest you if you are on Facebook ttps://www.facebook.com/Drimnagh