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I’ve just come back from Drimnagh Forum’s first meeting of 2012 and I’m inspired. I was further inspired when I got home and read this great blog post by @mike_rawlins in the UK on the Pits n Pots website. He was having a small rant about the lack of Attention to Detail in publications from his local council. It’s a good post, in particular the last two lines.

“I want Stoke-on-Trent to improve, I want it to succeed, I want the council to be better.

We deserve better”.

That’s Why…

….the Drimnagh Forum exists because it wants better for Drimnagh. It wants to work together with local community groups, local representatives and with the local council in making Drimnagh succeed. Working better takes time, energy and effort from a lot of people on all sides.  But sure we all know that Drimnagh is worth it. Right??

Quick Report

Short rundown of what was discussed this evening.

  • Drimnagh Festival #DrimFes12 ( May 2012, volunteers needed)
  • Drimnagh Smarter Travel #DrimST (All Year, people get walking)
  • How to promote the new Drimnagh Forum (ideas on a postcard or tweet)
  • Look and content for new Drimnagh Forum website (coming soon)
  • Notifying all relevant groups, politicians, local authorities of change of name and new website.
  • Administration access for groups onto website
  • Social Media Training for Drimnagh Forum groups
  • Community Grants  (deadlines looming) Any grant fanatics out there we need you!!!
  • Show n Tell day for Drimmagh community groups (proposed end of February)
  • Issues and concerns raised re Household charges and Bin charges
  • Congratulations – to the Good Counsel GAA under 21s on recent win
  • Role and purpose of Drimnagh Forum needs to be clarified
  • Policing Forum

More to follow soon on the Drimnagh Forum. What would you like the Drimnagh Forum to do for you?

p.s The Drimnagh is Good Facebook page has just over 700 followers. Check it out for more regular Drimnagh updates and news.

About the author

Pauline Sargent Pauline Sargent is the founder of Drimnagh is Good a hyperlocal community website bog for the people of Drimnagh. Connect with Pauline on Google + me on Google+

  1. Drimnite on Tuesday 24, 2012

    sounds like a lot done and lot to do. Well done again on this blog and heres to a good 2012 for Droimeanach. good links there with other community blogs, its all about making the connections and solidarity and sharing our skills and info.

  2. una on Tuesday 24, 2012

    Great post and I really like the Quote “we do deserve better” and working together we will demand better but still alot to do. Am really looking forward to hearing more about the Show n tell .

  3. Pauline on Tuesday 24, 2012

    Hi Una and Drimnite

    Thanks for the great comments. So good to hear.
    And yea I feel 2012 is going to be a good year for our lovely Drimnagh.