Dublin South Central

KildareStreet.com is a great website for tracking what your local TDs are saying in the Dáil on your behalf. This website records all questions and answers raised every week and makes it easy for you to keep track on what is going on.

Here is what your Dublin South Central TDs were questioning recently and the responses from the relevant ministers.


Eric Byrne asked would people of other religious faiths be able to apply for financial support for their religious celebrations.

Catherine Byrne (not on Twitter)

Catherine questioned the special delivery unit funding that has been allocated to St. James’s Hospital and if this funding is being used to facilitate elderly persons moving into nursing homes….


Deregulation for small fishing boats and classify them as artisan fishing boats…


Twitter is a great way of keeping up to date on relevant local and national news. I for one would like to see my local TDs and councillors using it more and not just at election times. The hashtag #DubSC helps keep track of the conversation related to the Dublin South Central constituency.

What do you think? Where would you like to see updates on what your local TDs are doing? And how often daily, weekly, monthly?

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  1. una on Monday 13, 2012

    Can any of our elected reps tell us what they are doing to improve the Gender balance in the Dail.? And in view of all the cuts that are happening when will affordable childcare be put on the agenda and all areas be given proper support for affordable community childcare which is a prohibitive factor for many people esp women accessing training or getting back into the labour market.