The Pirates

Over our lovely wet Bank holiday weekend I brought my two boys (age 10 and 3) to see Pirates the movie. Whilst the boys loved it, I found it sexist and annoying. Here’s some of the references about women made throughout the film. We are either portrayed as objects of desire or as weak females.


“Lock up your daughters”

“Looking down ladies tops”

“Ladies fainting”

“Distracted by a carriage full of women”

“Body of a weak & feeble woman”

“Kissed a princess for good measure”

“Native ladies whose outfits don’t leave much to the imagination”

“It’s true you can see down ladies tops”

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From doing a bit of research online I am not alone in my thoughts. You can read more about the sexist jokes and advertising on the links below.

What do you think? Does it matter to you how women and men are portrayed in films?

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