Dublin City Council are delivering a Citywide Program which piloted in Ballyfermot pre Christmas due to great success it is now a Citywide Program . With Dublin 12 targeted for March / April . It is a 5 to 6 week program , consisting of a 200m Swim and a 5k run which will be hosted in Pearse Park Facilities.

The program gives 6 weeks of sessions on Wednesday evenings preparing the participants in swimming training , been coached by swimming coaches and then 5k run coached by running coaches. Leading to a huge one day event for finale .

There will also be some sessions on sports psychology , mental strength and self confidence training.

This program is ideal for LCA Classes , FAS , Youthreach , Youth Services , Gaisca Awards , Sports Clubs of all Varieties .

Participants must be over 15 years of age . Program will start beginning of March .

Mitch will be currently meeting groups and planning for project . PLEASE CONTACT MITCH ASAP IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER YOUR GROUP.

We are maxing group at 50 for two sessions of 25 on the Wednesday nights. Exact details / dates will be released in next fortnight . PLEASE REG YOUR GROUP NOW.

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