Last week, the local Gardaí along with some local businesses held a crime prevention afternoon in Our Lady’s Hall on Mourne Road. There were some talks on crime prevention from Sgt Mark Redmond and some demonstrations from the businesses on the products they have to offer and how they can help you be more safe in your home. I went along to have a look at what was on offer and below I have gathered a few hints and tips together to help you become more safe in your home along with some contacts details for the various companies who were there on the day.

Crime prevention starts even before an intruder gets into your house. There are a vast array of tools an intruder can use in your front or back garden both as weapons and also to gain access to your house. In order to make this job more difficult for an intruder, you need to make gaining access to your garden more difficult. This can be done in a variety of ways

  • Walls and fences surrounding your garden should be at least 6 ft tall
  • You could fix a trellis to the top of the wall with a suitably thorny/prickly climber to deter them
  • A barrier of dense prickly hedging running around your garden is a worthy investment
  • Make sure all sheds are locked and secured
  • Don’t leave tools lying around the garden (in fairness that one is a pretty simple one really isn’t it?)
  • For people who love their garden gnomes…..make sure they are secure and take photos of everything.
  • Another really simple thing – take a walk around your garden and pin point locations where intruders could gain access and then fix them!

One thing to note regarding this section is the Occupiers Liability Act 1995 which states that an occupier owes a duty of care to a visitor, and that means a trespasser too, not to act with reckless disregard for the person or property of that person. So essentially this means that the old practice of embedding shards of glass on top of your walls would not be advisable!


Check ID's for everyone.....even Santa!

Check ID’s for everyone…..even Santa!

One of the biggest ways in which people get ripped off these days is the Bog Caller scam. You’ve seen the programmes on the TV about it all the time. It is not something that just happens to the elderly people of out community either.  Unfortunately it happens quite a lot but there are things you can do to help protect yourself against them. Firstly be aware of the scams.

  • Poor Work/No work done – Cold callers to your home who sweet talk you in to doing a job because the price seems too good to be true. They swan about for a few days and then demands payment for a job they haven’t actually done properly or indeed at all.
  • Bogus VAT Charges – This is when different members of the same group return posing as revenue officials demanding more money for work completed already.
  • Deposit scams – You’ve got a guy doing a job, he asked for a deposit to go and get materials and you never see or hear from him again
  • Opportunity thefts – Thieves offer a genuine service, once inside they decide what is valuable. They then coerce you into signing receipts for the sale of those items to them.

It all sounds pretty worrying right? Well there are some things you can do to ensure that none of these scam artists get inside your home.

  • First and foremost, tell the caller that you never employ cold calling tradesmen
  • Be careful about sales documentation that only has a mobile number or incomplete addresses/
  • Never engage with a person who insists on being paid in cash
  • Most importantly if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and you need to do some research before allowing them in to your home.

neighbourhoodwatchThe elderly of our community are at a higher risk of being a victim of burglary according to the Gardaí. The best thing you as  neighbor can do is to be a good neighbours. Make sure to check in on elderly neighbours. Consider setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme if there isn’t one in your area. A few tips on keeping safe in your home

  • Fit a door viewer – this will allow you to see who is outside your door
  • Fit a door chain and use it
  • Keep a list of emergency contact details close by – family, Gardaí, doctor etc
  • If you have a mobile phone, make sure that you emergency contacts stored in your phone under the ICE (In case of emerency) system
  • Number your house clearly so the Gardaí and rescue services can find you easily if needed.
  • Most importantly be wary of anyone that you don’t know calling to your door and do not open it to strangers.
  • If you are threatened by physical force, do not resist. Try to remain calm and, if possible, concentrate on getting a good description of the culprit.

I spoke to Sgt Mark Redmond after his talk and asked him what his 5 top tips would be on how to protect yourself in your home. Here they are

  • Lock your doors if you are going out
  • Close your windows if you are going out
  • Make sure to switch on your alarm if you are going out or going to bed.
  • Appoint keyholders for your alarm company
  • Do not keep cash in the home

So there you go, five top tips for keeping you safe in the home. More information and tips can be found on the Garda website

Now as I mentioned on the day there was also a couple of companies there too so below I have gathered them all together for you and the services they offer.

First up is Phone Watch - They offer monitored alarms with 24/7 monitoring, customer support, unlimited service visits and a smartphone app (which I think is cool!) for €35 a month. The company are doing a deal for the good folk of Drimnagh at the moment. The normal cost of the set up is €699 but if you call Sean Lavelle on 0868474449 he will do the whole lot for you for €499

Next up is - These guys are a 24 hr callout locksmith and they also install a wide range of products like the kid pen, the mortice dead lock and the yale digital doorbell. Their contact number is 0872227756/015492927

Next up is Crystal Clear Building Maintenance – You might have seen these guys in their blue vans around the area. Gerry does everything from painting to fitting locks and a lot more in between. He’s a nice guy too. Give him a shout on 014557165/08633536647

Second last on the list we have local hardware Liam’s hardware on Galtymore Road. Supplier of pretty much everything you could ever need and I am told he also does all kinds of ropes/chains/life jackets etc too (I may have another blog on that soon too!). Give them a shout on 014558035 for all your hardware needs!

Last but by no means least, we have the care and repair programme. This is an initiative which aims to help the elderly of Dublin 4,6 and 12 with any small jobs they may need done. It is a very worthwhile cause and one that is badly needed in the area. To get in touch with them, give them a call on 014059819 

So there you have it! Tips, hints and a few contact details for you all. I hope this helps you to stay a little safer in your homes. And of course if you have any questions/comments feel free to leave them here! :)

Till next time!


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