Jack in action

Jack in action

Jack Wise is according to his website a magician, ventriloquist, pick pocket and sword swallower. Now there is an impressive set of talents I think you’ll agree. He is also a bit of a comedian and can be found around some of the many comedy clubs in Dublin. We have managed to nab Jack to perform at the Drimnagh Festival on Saturday June 14th and I caught up with him for a quick chat about how he started, that dangerous talent of sword swallowing and what we can expect from him at the Festival! :)


Hi Jack, firstly let’s start at the beginning. Where did it all start for you?

An elderly neighbour taught me a gambling scam called “The three card trick” and from that point on I was hooked on sleight of hand magic. I spent all my time practicing and got a real laugh from my school mates by pulling of stunts like vanishing sweets in the face of the furious local shopkeeper!


Haha! I can imagine you were not very popular with them alright. You have garnered quite an impressive array of talents, where did you learn how to bring them altogether?

I got a real compliment from a comedian who described me as a modern day vaudevillian which is what I guess I am. People love variety (I mean, that’s what the X factor is) and you don’t need a reason to do something as long as its funny or entertaining so when putting it all together I just listened to my audience and they tell you what they like and how far you can push it!


Let’s talk about your sword swallowing specifically for a minute, you are one of only 60 people in the world who do it. What did you have to do to get that accreditation?

To become an accredited member of Sword Swallowers Association International I had to send a picture of myself sword swallowing, a photo of the sword and I think (if memory serves) a video as well. I added xrays of me as well which you can see on my website Street performer.ie


Well that’s extensive! What’s your favourite trick to perform?

I really enjoying getting a kid to smash their parents watch and the more expensive the better! The kids reaction is priceless but nothing compared to the adults :-)

I’d imagine it’s something like a heart attack. Have you ever had any injuries when you’ve been performing or rehearsing?

Yes. A small kid about 3 years old ran into me while I was sword swallowing. When I pulled out the sword there was a streak of blood on the blade. I went to the hospital and got scoped but it was just a graze…..thankfully!


Ouch! So what can people expect from you at the Drimnagh Festival?

A handful of gasps and a load of laughs!


Finally Jack, if you could give one piece of advice to any budding little Jack Wise’s out there what would it be?

Practice ,practice, practice and find your own style!


There you have it guys, you can expect a lot of fun at the Festival with Jack. You can catch him at one of his 40 minute shows throughout the day and you never know he might even astound you with some close up magic tricks too!

The festival takes place over the weekend of the 13-15th June and further information can be found on our Facebook Page :)

About the author

Amanda Whitehead Amanda is a freelance journalist who writes for a variety of websites. She also presents Good Morning Dublin on Dublin City FM every Thursday morning. She has strong ties to Drimnagh having lived here since the age of 12 and with her parents originally being from here, she is dedicated to showing the positives of the area through work on the blog and things like the annual Drimnagh Festival.

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