Pat Doyle is an emigrant who left Drimnagh aged 10. He is a regular contributor on the Drimnagh Facebook page and still has really strong ties to the area. I caught up with him for a brief chat about Drimnagh and his memories. He was even kind enough to share some of his old photos with us too! :)

Hi Pat, thanks for talking to me. So how long did you live in Drimnagh for?

I was born in The Rotunda hospital Dublin in 1948, and when I was 2 years of age my family moved to Drimnagh, I lived there until I was 10 years of age, so I lived there for 8 years in all.

25 Rafters Road, Drimnagh

25 Rafters Road, Drimnagh


That’s a relatively short period of time. What’s your favourite memory of Drimnagh? 

All my childhood pals, and making my first communion at Mourne Rd church, and visiting the neighbours to show off my new status, the neighbours usual gave me some money, usually a few pennies as per the tradition at the time.

So where did you desert Drimnagh for then? :)  Where do you live now?

I now live in Nottingham, England with my family

You seem to have a strong pull to the area still? Do you still have family here? 

Yes I have a large family still living in Dublin, and Drimnagh, my family home where I lived on Rafters Road has recently been put on the market for sale, as my sister in law that lived there has died.

How do you think Drimnagh has changed over the years? 

Check out the description of the nameplace.....

Check out the description of the nameplace…..How do you think Drimnagh has changed over the years?

The thing I noticed most was how quiet the area has become, and I miss the shops that used to be on Lissadel Drive.

Now I don’t even remember those shops! If you could describe Drimnagh in one sentence, what would it be?

A very friendly place to live, with really good neighbours.


There you go guys, Pat says Drimnagh is a friendly place with good neighbours. Do we agree? I certainly do!

The Drimnagh Festival takes place over the weekend of the 13-15th June and is the perfect time to get out and meet not only your neighbours but the whole community! Why not come along and have some fun while doing it? More details can be found on our Facebook page :)


About the author

Amanda Whitehead Amanda is a freelance journalist who writes for a variety of websites. She also presents Good Morning Dublin on Dublin City FM every Thursday morning. She has strong ties to Drimnagh having lived here since the age of 12 and with her parents originally being from here, she is dedicated to showing the positives of the area through work on the blog and things like the annual Drimnagh Festival.

  1. Sandra on Tuesday 3, 2014

    I couldn’t agree more . I lived in drimnagh untill i was 36 years i loved it friends every where i turned i miss it so much

  2. Amanda Whitehead on Tuesday 3, 2014

    It’s nice to hear some positive stuff about the area Sandra! Thanks for you comments. Where are you living now?