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This year at the Festival for the first time we will have a music stage. The purpose of the stage is two fold, to promote the huge amount of talent that Drimnagh has to offer but there is also another reason. We are hoping to raise some money for Teenline Ireland on the day of the Festival. There will be buskers and bands performing on the stage throughout the day and we will  hopefully raise some much needed funds for Teenline. Jamie Harrington and Luke Clerkin are TeenLine Champions who work tirelessly to promote Teenline and help spread awareness. Jamie will be MC’ing the stage on the day and Luke will be the stage manager. I sat down for what was a very entertaining chat with the guys to see why they do what they do and what we can expect from the stage at the Festival

Hi guys , thanks for chatting to me. So firstly when did you become involved with Teenline Ireland?

Luke: I got involved about this time two years ago. I set up an event for Teenline because I suffer with depression and I was coming out of it a bit and I wanted to help people who were going through the same thing as me and it kind of just blew up from there.

Jamie: I got involved because I was walking through town one day and I saw a load of weirdos standing with a painted bed sheet saying busking for Teenline Ireland and I was looking at them thinking what’s going on. So being the nosy person I am, I floated up to them and asked. I told them I couldn’t sing and I can’t play any instruments but I can MC so I kind of got on and started doing the MC stuff for them.

Why did you become involved with Teenline?

Luke: Well I spoke to my Dad after a while of not talking to anyone when I had depression and I felt how good it was to talk to someone. I wanted to help others to have that kind of feeling too.

Jamie: A couple of weeks before I met the guys, my Mam sent me to a doctor because I was depressed, I was sitting in my room alone, not talking to anyone. The doctor made me take this stupid test with crazy questions that really don’t determine anything but I was diagnosed with depression then. I realised though that when I talked to a friend the weight was lifted off my shoulders. That’s when I learned that talking was the key to everything.

Can you tell me about the work that you do?

Luke: Well we have a busking collective called the Never Alone collective and we busk every Saturday in Temple Bar. All the proceeds go to Teenline. We made a video which was really cool.  Outside of that we’ve just set up a new group called Action for suicide prevention too which we hope will help to change some of the laws around mental health in this country

Jamie: For me, every day on Facebook, I am constantly promoting Teenline and positive mental health. Any of my friends know that most of what I want to talk about on Facebook is Teenline!

Teenline’s funding was cut this year, they lost quite a substantial amount. How will they survive? 

Jamie: On kind donations from all you lovely people who are going to donate all your money! *wink wink* :) Teenline is a valuable service that really needs your help at the moment. I’ve heard of people organising fancy dress parties in work and everything. I will walk around town in a onesie for 12 hours giving out free hugs if everyone that reads this interview donates €2…….(You heard him guys, make it happen – from Amanda!) 

So the Teenline Talent Stage, what can we expect? 

Jamie: You can expect a very annoying MC (he’s joking…I hope!) and some very talented acts.

Luke: You can expect some really good acts all round and some great craic all round.

Final question lads! If there are teenagers out there struggling to cope, what would you say to them?

Jamie: Talk. Talk, talk, talk!

Luke: 1800833634 – Teenline’s helpline! Remember that together we are strong and that you are never alone

Jamie: Be yourself and be proud!

Phew! That was a whirlwind. The Teenline Talent stage will be taking place all day on Saturday June 14th from 2-6pm. It will feature some local acts along with some of the best bands and solo singers in the city. Why not pop by and enjoy the music and maybe support Teenline while you’re there? :)



About the author

Amanda Whitehead Amanda is a freelance journalist who writes for a variety of websites. She also presents Good Morning Dublin on Dublin City FM every Thursday morning. She has strong ties to Drimnagh having lived here since the age of 12 and with her parents originally being from here, she is dedicated to showing the positives of the area through work on the blog and things like the annual Drimnagh Festival.

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