Handdrawn picture of DrimnaghDrimnagh

Drimnagh is Good is a hyperlocal community online news site for the Drimnagh area, Dublin 12, Ireland . It’s all about the 12,000 or so people who live and work in Drimnagh.

It is run by Pauline Sargent a local, voluntary community activist living in Drimnagh. And she started it because she wanted to talk Drimnagh Up, instead of Down.

The aim is to support the community and help share their news and activities with a wider audience. To give them a strong on-line voice and to highlight the good things that happen in Drimnagh and not just the bad.

So have a look around and please comment, like us on Facebook and be part of this great community of people on and off line.

We are always looking for contributors, so if you fancy writing a few articles, doing sport reports for the local area or taking images of Drimnagh and its people then get in touch.

You can contact us at drimnaghisgood@gmail.com or you can connect with Pauline on Google +

Thanks for reading :-)

What will come up? A bit of everything and anything to do with Drimnagh.